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Trudge: Canada Council Project

‘Trudge, A Journey’

I strive to make invisible disabilities visible. Through the medium of paintings, interactive illustrations, sculptures and short animations, I approach the serious social attitudes towards mental health and the equally devastating stigma attached to them. 

‘Trudge, A Journey’ examines my life experiences as a bipolar person who has struggled with addictions/alcoholism and who grew up un-diagnosed as hard-of-hearing. It is a story of reprieve; of finding peace and ultimately an adult self by creating art.

This series incorporates a theme of audience participation by creating images and objects where active engagement is required to see the entire piece. The creation of large lenticular images and kaleidoscopes encourage viewers to consider what life might be like for the neurodivergent, to demystify mental illness and dispel stigma.


By exhibiting seemingly insignificant roughs and ‘cocktail napkin doodles’ alongside finished pieces, I strive to illustrate that our struggles and failures are also a significant part of our successes.

My artistic endeavours, comingled with a journey of introspection, have allowed me to come to terms with illness and addiction. By exposing vulnerabilities in the Trudge project, it might open the potential for change and joy to others.

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